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Here’s How 

In 2024, we must protect and strengthen our American Democracy. We have learned that our Democracy is fragile. We have learned that we can lose it all if we don’t engage and VOTE. Every VOTE matters. Your VOTE is your VOICE. These are no longer platitudes but real live realities for America.

We need you to ensure you are registered to vote and check your registration. Then, we need you to make sure every person you know, especially new and young voters are registered to VOTE in 2024. You can be a part of the work to ensure that in America we take our responsibility to vote as a important and critical responsibility. 

CTD has developed a easy to use link to verify registration, register to vote, and find important election information by zipcode. Put this link in your email signature, email it to friends, and make spreading the word to VOTE in 2024 a part of your daily life.

Use this Link:

Registration toolkit coming soon.