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Our Beginning:

In 2016, Commit To Democracy, formerly known as Commit to Flip Blue, was founded as a grassroots organization of community activists with a deep commitment to American Democracy, the rule of law, and the rights and freedom of all Americans. Starting as a San Francisco Bay Area group, we have expanded to a national member base of 11K volunteers passionate about electing Democrats to the Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House.

With the work completed by our community and other communities like ours throughout this nation, we were able to achieve a true majority in the Senate and limit the expansion of the Republican majority in the House in 2022. 

In 2022-2023, Democrats were able to deliver to the American people significant bi-partisan legislation for climate change, manufacturing, healthcare, and student debt. Democrats have appointed 145 federal judges thus far, and 66% are women, higher than any President in history. That is just a tiny slice of the story that When Democrats Govern, Things Get Better!

Our Vision:

In 2024, Commit To Democracy’s Vision is to continue to strengthen our Democracy and put protections in place to protect the rights of Americans. We are committed to a functioning Democracy that represents and fairly provides for a fully diverse community of citizens and a just and fair America for all.  We hope you will continue to support our work and join us in this important initiative to:

✓ Re-elect a Democrat to the presidency in 2024

✓ Increase our majority in the House and Senate

✓ Expand participation of a diverse community of voters in the Democratic process

✓ Engage young voters in our Democracy through voter registration and GOTV initiatives

✓ Educate and inform voters

✓ Support the Biden/Harris agenda