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Simon Rosenberg Returns to CTD for Town Hall 4 PM PST

Time to sign up for another inspiring CTD Town Hall with Simon Rosenberg. Simon has been a friend of CTD since 2022, when he first presented to us from his car outside his daughter’s school on Back To School Night. Since then, he has become an even more renowned Democratic Strategist and Innovator who understands the POWER of grassroots organizations like ours nationwide.

Simon’s new Substack, Hopium Chronicles, is the lifeline to many of us and should be for all of us as he positively presents the facts of the current political landscape. He stays above the fray of the instant news and sticks to the facts, trends, and history to navigate our path to victory. You can follow him and subscribe here so you can participate in his private events!

Do not miss this opportunity to meet in a CTD Virtual Town Hall with Simon and interact with him real time to capture his views on relevant topics of our day! RSVP today and Fill the Hall! Show Simon that we appreciate and depend on his guidance. WE DO!

March 19, 2024
4pm - 5:30pm
Linda Carman

Will you come?