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Call Arizona and California Phone Bank Hub (Pacific Time)

Phone Banking has an amazing impact in an election cycle and we cannot win without the phones! Live conversations with voters increase their chances of voting by a whopping 16%, according to studies done by the Center for Common Ground.

Join us as we reach out to voters and have meaningful conversations with them about what they value and the issues, and gain their commitment to Vote!

We are calling Arizona to introduce them to Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego and encourage voters to sign up for a mail-in ballot in time for the July 30th primary.

We are calling California voters to introduce them to their Congressional Candidates in CA-47 (Katie Porter's Old Seat) and CA-45 (a flippable district in Orange County. Early calls make a big, big difference. Join us each week for our phone bank. It is fun and rewarding!

We are calling Ohio voters to introduce them to Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and encouraging voters to sign up for a mail-in ballot.

Once you RSVP, we will send you everything you need for a successful session. Join us today!



July 23, 2024
3pm - 5pm
Molly Hermes

Will you come?